Hello! My name is Nick, the Proud Owner of Hope Cay. Firstly I'd like to thank you for visiting us because without the hope we have in humanity (that's you), this all would still be just an idea.

Purpose, Goals, Products, Vision, Mission.
During the formulation of Hope Cay, all the above had very little solidity alone. If ever molded together however, they could create a foundation for unimaginable environmental impact when built out to its full potential. I knew this. This potential, paired with the theory that we as humans are “good” at our very core, is what ignited that initial flame of passion. The only thing missing was a catalyst.

Enter Hope Cay.

The grand vision was to unite these 5 pillars and create a company with a powerful message and a sustainable, net-positive impact on both the environment that we live in and the incredible creatures that live within it.
Hope Cay opened its doors and was received with open arms for it’s evergreen support-a-cause platform. A cycling support system which selects new organizations monthly, ranging from environmental conservation groups to animal rights protection, and donates a portion of profits to keeping these agencies thriving.
Hope Cay owes a debt of gratitude to both the organizations it supports and the charitable campaigns that came before it. Both have changed the way we view consumerism, charity, advertising, activism and perhaps most importantly, ourselves. We’ve proven that deep within, at the core of human nature beyond the trivial external oddities of everyday life, we just want to help all living beings. If that's all we accomplish throughout the time we have here, most of us would agree that we'd lived a fulfilled life. If you feel the same, and something resonated in you when you read this to yourself, then maybe you are right where you belong.

Welcome to Hope Cay